Heart of the region

The city is well connected with other, larger agglomerations. The shortest route to Krakow is about 115 km long, while the travel time to Warsaw takes just over 2 hours. If you like to travel by bicycle, you will be pleased to know that a section of Poland's longest bicycle path - the Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Route - runs through Kielce.

Kielce is a city that is continuously developing. Thanks to the constant implementation of investments that fit the needs of the residents, it has become definitely more orderly in recent years.

Heritage walks

The capital of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, being a tourist center of the region, is an excellent base for discovering its charms. The center itself attracts with the city's main promenade - Sienkiewicza Street. While strolling there, one can encounter not only a variety of stores or dining locations, but also admire the numerous historical buildings listed in the register of monuments. Kielce's Market Square was probably established in the second half of the 12th century. In the past, local fairs were held there, but today it functions mainly as a meeting place. It's worth taking a look at the town hall and the townhouses there, one of which was built in 1767.

Green space
for the whole family

Close encounters with nature are provided by the Botanical Garden, opened in 2018, with a variety of facilities for visitors. There you will find both peace and quiet among the many unparalleled plant species, as well as spend valuable time with children, thanks to carefully prepared materials and educational paths.

 5,3 km  10 min  1 h 10 min

Hiking enthusiasts will find plenty of hiking trails, leading, among others, to the highest peak of the ŚwiĘtokrzyskie Mountains - Łysica (614 meters above sea level) and to Lysa Gora, also known as Holy Cross.

 22,1 km  30 min  4 h 50 min

Capital of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Karczówka is a picturesque hill located near the city center. It is currently home to the Charles Borromeo Church from the 17th century, built on the site of a former Bernardian monastery.

 5,9 km  12 min  1 h 16 min

The Paradise Cave (Polish: Jaskinia Raj), together with the Neanderthal Men Center operating there, is a remarkable tourist attraction on the map of the Świętokrzyskie province. The cave, located 11 km from the center of Kielce, delights with a variety of forms of underground karst, such as stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, cave pearls and flowstone. A tour of the facility takes about 45 minutes, and the length of the route preceded by a thematic exhibition is 180 meters. The humidity inside is about 95%, with a constant temperature of 9°C.

 14,6 km  17 min  3 h

Education and development

The Geoeducation Center is a modern facility on the grounds of one of Kielce's nature reserves. The interactive exhibition presents the genealogical heritage of the region. In addition to an exhibition including a 5D cinema and a Geolabonatorium zone, the center offers visitors to participate in various workshops, and provides an educational playground - the Geological Experiment Garden.

 6,2 km  13 min  1 h 20 min

The Leonardo DaVinci Science Center is a place where exhibitions and educational activities deal with the human body and its environment. Interesting lectures and displays for children and teenagers are organized there.

 20,4 km  23 min   4 h 10 min

Children's joy

The Museum of Toys and Play is the oldest of its kind in Poland. The collection includes several thousand exhibits, and among them are: historical and folk toys, models of vehicles, airplanes and ships, railroads, theater puppets and many others. There are 12 thematic exhibitions and changing displays.

 3,6 km  9 min  45 min

JuraPark in Bałtów was built near the place where dinosaur footprints were discovered. Among other things, there is a Jurassic museum, a prehistoric oceanarium, a miniature park, an open-air bee museum, a ranch, as well as ski lifts in winter.

 77,8 km  1 h 16 min